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About / Disclaimer

The information contained in this site has been collected from a variety of opensource resources. The website owner is not responsible for how you intend to use this information. All resources are governed by their respective licenses and this website and its owner abides by all of their conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Failed startup founder, who is broke and trying to learn things.. The resource has been created in my spare time.

During my research in trying to understand web3 security, I found that a vast majority of sources are scattered across the interwebz, It was quite painful trying to make sense of it all. So this was created for purely selfish reasons, but then I realized other ape's such as myself might be going through the same pain, and thus this idea was born.

At the moment it is categorized as FOSS, But please do consider making a donation to my gitcoin grant, for the upkeep of this resource. You can also give me a tip via the 'TIps' link in the footer.

Contributions are welcome via the contribute button on the header. Contributions will be vetted for quality or nature of the source. It may be rejected if it is of poor quality, has a marketing element or is questionable.

Please forward grievances to the chatbox you will find at the bottom right corner of the page. I will attend to your concerns whenever I have some time.

This sort of activity is categorized as criminal, meaning you will be incarcerated, moreover I can advice moving on since life is too short to have hang-ups. Good Luck.

I am not a web developer, and am an active learner. This nocode website builder was chosen for development since its easier to manage and has a free tier. Objects and Dapps stored on web3 have recurring costs, which I am unable to afford.

Please submit an issue via the 'Submit Bugs' link at the bottom of the page. You will be redirected to this site's github repo, where you may open an issue. I will have a look when I get time.

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